Getting Around Key West

Taxicabs are prevalent in Key West, and especially after a night on Duval Street they may be one of your best bets for getting around. There are just a few main streets on the Island, and wherever you find yourself you won't be too far from a cab circling around looking for beach goers and bar hoppers looking for a lift to their hotel room.

If you would like to drive around the island but are not comfortable taking your car across the seven mile bridge that connects Key West with the rest of Florida, then you can rent an electric car or golf cart, which are commonly available around the island. Since the streets are narrow and small, electric cars are a fun way to enjoy the island without overpowering the size of the road in a traditional vehicle.

If you are interested in taking more of a motorized tour and are not hoping for a straight lift back to your hotel, then you might want to consider renting a scooter. The same scooters that are so common in places like Paris and Rome are also a favorite of Key West. You can often rent scooters by the hour or by the day, and you can use them to travel back and forth from the historic district to Smathers Beach without ever missing a moment of sun.

In the true spirit of Key West, sometimes it is better to slow everything down and skip the motorized transports for a few days. Bicycles are incredibly common in Key West. As you tour the streets you will notice that bikes seem to be a preferred form of transportation for the residents of the island, and bike rentals make it easy for tourists to get in on the relaxing activity as well. If you are there with a friend, consider trying a tandem bike so you don't get split up, and if you aren't sure about pedaling yourself all over the island, bike taxi's are another option for getting around.

One of the more unique options available to get around in Key West is the Old Town Trolley. The trolley will take you throughout all of the famed spots on the island so that you can take in all of the sights in the course of just a few hours without ever getting off the bus.