Sports and Recreational Activities in the Florida Keys

The clear blue water and over one half dozen beaches in the area offer the chance for a number of water activities that include swimming, jet skiing, parasailing and windsurfing. Each location offers varying amenities that include public restrooms, concession stands and restaurants, picnic areas and water sports equipment rentals.

Sport and recreation in Key West, Florida, include the popular pastime of fishing. Whether using small boats and light tackle or big boats with big tackle, anglers have the opportunity of catching over 200 species of fish. The location offers a number of charter boats and captains that provide visitors with an opportunity of a lifetime. Day or night trips travel to the coral reefs where anglers catch grouper and snapper. Join a deep-sea charter and troll for everything from marlin and sailfish to tuna and wahoo. The outstanding fishing locations have attracted fishing legends that include Ernest Hemmingway.

Whether in a kayak or a large catamaran, guests enjoy the variety of eco-tours that take visitors to locations known to harbor marine life. During these tours, guests have the opportunity of coming face to face with birds, dolphins, stingrays and turtles. Larger vessels journey out to open waters where guests have the chance of watching sharks swim right next to the boat. Glass bottom boats also offer the chance of viewing a variety of marine life as they swim in their natural habitat.

Many indulge in boating for the simple pleasure of being out on the water. Charters cruise along the coastline or explore the tropical reefs. Tour the backcountry flats or venture to Fort Jefferson. Cruises last variable amounts of time that range from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Enjoy a luncheon or dinner cruise, or sit back and gaze at the sunset. The sizes of cruising vessels also vary from catamarans to small sailboats and historic tall ships to large powerboats.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are also popular recreation activities in Key West, Florida. Environmentalists purposely sunk a number of ships around the area anywhere from 65 to 140 feet below the water. These ships serve as the foundation for natural reef growth. These sites offer a fantastic opportunity for diving and exploring sunken ships. The Sand Key Lighthouse Reef is another favorite location for viewing marine life that makes the 10-mile reef home. Ten-Fathom Ledge offers the chance of venturing into caves and overhangs that host a variety of native marine life.