Attractions in Key West

The best thing about visiting Key West, Florida, is the choice of fast-paced or leisurely-paced activities while enjoying the terrific weather and scenery.

Fast paced attractions include activities, above and below sea level. A view of Key West from above is spectacular sight while parasailing. Wind sailing in the Gulf gives the enthusiast an eye-to-eye view of dolphins surrounding the Keys.

Fishing charters, snorkeling and shipwreck exploration provide hours of fun and excitement for fast-paced visitors. Deep-sea fishing in the Keys has broken more angling records than any other worldwide. The fish are plentiful, and the expertise and equipment provided by seasoned charter boat captains and their crews put visitors in the center of the action. Along with tales of how the biggest fish got away, a typical day's catch includes jacks, barracuda and Spanish mackerel plus bonefish, tarpon and tuna. Fish caught are suitable for the dinner table or a reproduction trophy created by a local taxidermist. Angling sportsmen will find fishing at harbor, reef, shipwreck, bridge and backcountry bountiful and exciting, too.

Snorkeling the living-coral barrier reef of Key West reveals a showcase of the finest marine habitat in the world. Preservation of the coral reef affords a one-on-one commune with green moray eels, blue grunts and many other saltwater fish. Many dive photographers have established their base of operation at the barrier reef for the myriad species and pristine water condition.

Shipwreck exploration abounds along the Florida Keys Shipwreck Heritage Trail. This waterbound trail stretches from Key West to Key Largo was established by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The trail includes historic wrecks including San Pedro of the Spanish Armada, the North America of mid-19th century ship trades, and the Amesbury also known as Alexander's Wreck.

Attractions for the leisurely-paced visitors to Key West, Florida are as numerous as the fast-paced. Arts and culture events include dance revues, festivals, film showcases, galleries and museums, music and theatre productions plus outdoor and public art exhibits.

Dance is the prevalent art performed by professional and amateurs, adults and children. Some dancers are locals while others come from national and international communities. "Nutcracker Key West" is a showcase of local ballet dancers and a must-see for children of all ages.

Festivals, music and theater productions, plus outdoor and public art exhibits occur year-round showcasing the talents, culture and history of Key West. Some of the most renowned festivals include Hemingway Days, Symphony of the Americas Summerfest Concert, Hemingway on Stage, Third Annual Key West Brewfest and Smithsonian Magazine's Annual Museum Day.